Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  New Content at Drama Mater

cK's conscience has graduated to a new plain of triviality and mahem. New content is posted at the Drama Mater.

You are loved.
Thursday, May 18, 2006
  I’ll Surveil You!
There’s nothing quite like the security of being watched, or listened to, or monitored. I mean, when I see one of these bad boys,

I feel all warm inside. It’s like getting a hug from the Man.

I’ll take my civil liberties with cream and sugar please, LOTS of cream and sugar.


Monday, May 15, 2006
  cK's Hiatus Until June 12
NOTE: I'll update every couple days until May 28 at the Drama. I don't anticipate posting from Asia. So: June 12.

Just returned from Illinois and have family coming into town ahead of next weekend's annual family reunion, which also doubles as the annual fracturing of the family. I look forward to this. I do not look forward to this.

So, yes. Not to brag, but I'm totally incapable of wrapping my brain around all things required of me right now. With each task I take up, I feel the others are falling apart. I turn to one of them, the one I originally started falters. Must hunker down, you know? Much is to be done for work, and half the world in travel, twice over, awaits. I'll update every couple days until May 28 at the Drama, then it's off to Asia for a spell. Sorry: No opium dens or mail-order brides on this trek. On THIS trek.
Friday, May 12, 2006
  Put a Cork in It
Good times last night as I squeezed in an hour of writing prior to a three-hour publishing dinner down at the Buca's on West 7th. And since I've already submitted my article for the next newsletter, I was off the hook when it came to responsibilities: just pasta-filled scenery.

On the way home, I stopped at the Garage where the kids were in high form. Everyone ordered "one for the ditch," as we say (grim, I guess, but a fine phrase), and the tales were told.

My dream was a rerun: a ghost story from a Japanese island. Third time I've had this dream.

Culinary thought for the moment: I'm done with even trying "meat sauce" on spaghetti. There's no reason to mess up good spaghetti with ground beef...not even in the midwest. I eat meat, but it doesn't go with everything, people. More about this Monday, perhaps. The whole add-meat-to-everything scene needs to be stopped.

Words I will not use even in satire:
"This represents a paradigm shift." Shut up, you.

Thing I Most Want to Know RIGHT NOW:
Where do you put all those wine corks, Lollie? With each bottle you open, you write on the cork the names of everyone sampling the wine. Seems you've done this for years...but where are all those corks? In the Atlantic with all those notes Ray used to put in bottles and cast out? In a storage space in Baltimore with the head of Miss Moffett?

Whose Boots Would I Kiss: The girl with the shaved head at the coffeeshop. I'm not infatuated, I don't wonder if she thinks of me, hummingbirds do not take flight in my chest when I see her, but damn if it doesn't enter my thoughts that she's got some superpowers. She crushworthy. Go get coffee, friends. Get crushed!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
  Way Behind
I'm behind on updating this blog, save for in my head. Apologies. I will tell you this: Today's favorite work song is Duran Duran's "New Moon on Monday."

You now know who I am: a dork.

Special thanks to Jess for clueing me to Gotan Project. I love those kids.
Monday, May 08, 2006
  Biscuits vs. the Stones
Empirical analysis performed by the Fuckin Shit Biscuits reveals that they trump the Rolling Stones, mathematically speaking. They've even filled their site with charts breaking down instrument by instrument numerical superiority.

Big thanks to the KP uncovering this objective report. (Great to see you at the Dub on Thursday, by the way. Good laughs.)

So, hey: Check out the FSB. And for more randoms, see the Drama.
Friday, May 05, 2006
  Kansas, You've Done it Again
To: Kansas
From: cK
Re: WTF!?

CNN reports that a bill in Kansas will severely limit the chances of "women" under 18 marrying. A crux of this is the state putting its foot down on the sub-15 marriage class.

Why is this news in 2006? Kansas: They shouldn't have been getting married!!! This just now occurs to you? Have you not seen Maury Povich? (Lord. That show is a form of birth control, I think.)

Needless to say, our particular inventiveness in this country for unintentional self-parody and social quagmires shines once again, this time from the state most often in the news for its raging homophobia, twisters, and expanding beltlines.

Marx: You were an idiot. Religion is not an opiate of the people; it's a narcotic, and Kansas is high as a fucking kite, man. It's a speedball o' god. And that makes me so sad, 'cause religion fascinates me. It's often in my thoughts.

Finally got my paperwork sorted out, I hope, for my China trip. The bureaucratic shuffle is maddening, especially if one intends to go as a writer. Extra suspicion. Extra forms. It's nuts. One can probably draw a pretty good parallel between the higher submissiveness in a population and thicker bureaucracy. The pen is truly as mighty as the sword.
For you, the beautiful stranger